Need help from a dependable person to look after your cats and dogs when you're away on business or vacation?

Perhaps your dogs would enjoy regular walks or your puppy needs a midday potty break while you're at work.

Maybe it would be helpful to have someone drop by to check on your home, scoop litter, or bring in your newspapers, mail and packages while you're out.

I can help with all of that!

DSM Pets provides reliable, knowledgeable, responsible care for cats and dogs so you can relax knowing your pets are in good hands when you're on the go!

Besides the benefits to your pets, you also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your home is being looked after. Having someone check in regularly can serve as a crime-deterrent.


Typical Cost per visit: $15 (or more possibly depending on your location)

To discuss your pets' needs, please email me to go over the details.


Last Modified: 7/13/2018


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